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Day 35 – New Professions I Could Undertake

In case this UX thing fizzles out.
  1. Hipster knife sharpener
  2. Minimalist enforcer / Anti-Hoarder
  3. Snarky social media manager
  4. Jigsaw Puzzler Do-er
  5. Mixtape creator (NOT a DJ)
  6. Hobo
  7. Chef of Mexican food restaurant
  8. Zombie Apocalypse / Social Unrest preparedness manager
  9. Art buyer (all of it)
  10. Professional music listener

Day 29 – Dead People I Would Have Liked To Have Had A Coffee Or Beer With

My Heroes.

  1. Joe Strummer (We’d have a campfire).
  2. Kurt Vonnegut (I’d just let him ramble).
  3. Lou Reed (He’d probably say no).
  4. Mark Rothko (I’d like to paint with him).
  5. Frida Kahlo (I would ask her to explain some of her work).
  6. Richard Feynman (I’d walk away enlightened and befuddled).
  7. Leonardo da Vinci (I’d learn Italian just to talk to him for 10 minutes).
  8. Jim Belushi (You might not see me for a week).
  9. George Harrison (My favorite Beatle).
  10. Yamamoto Tsunetomo (For a sword fighting lesson)

Day 28 – Reasons She Hasn’t Texted You

No really… it’s not her, it’s you.

  1. That bit of spinach in your teeth that was in your teeth all night
  2. Your breath reeked, dude
  3. The screams from the bathroom when you urinated
  4. You’re too nice, she likes you like a brother
  5. Despite your insistance, there’s no hidden left-wing messages in Guardians of the Galaxy
  6. Your 40 minute soliloquy of how you like to do it in the booty
  7. You gave her a burner number by mistake
  8. The duct tape, sheets of plastic and shovel in your back seat
  9. You were wearing the Billy Squier t-shirt un-ironically
  10. She thinks you’re a dick

Day 27 – Secrets I’ve Never Told Anyone

I’m full of secrets.

  1. That one I’ll never tell
  2. That one involving Japanese schoolgirl twins
  3. The one with the secret recipe
  4. The one revealing where the bodies are buried
  5. The one where I’m the only one left alive that knows it
  6. The one with the blood pact
  7. The one I hold with the German secret agent
  8. The one involving a satchel of money
  9. The one that implicates high ranking people in a major scandal
  10. I think you’re cool