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Day 24 – Unexpected Zombie Fighting Weapons

In a pinch, anything is a weapon!

  • MacBook Air. I could totally cleave a zombie’s head with one.
  • Croquet Mallet. I already feel like Alex from A Clockwork Orange when I hold one
  • Nerf Gun. For all those office nerds who really want to get their heads bitten.
  • Skateboard Deck. They swing remarkably well.
  • Porn Star Replica Dildo. Have you seen the size of these things?
  • Razor Scooter. Awkward, but if you’ve ever had one smack into your ankle while trying to do a trick, you know how much they hurt.
  • Microsoft Surface RT. Not a great weapon, but it’s not good for anything else, either.
  • Banana Peels. Comedic zombie traps!
  • Weed Whacker. It has range, it’s light, and it’s fun!
  • Old World Weapons from the Museum. They worked once, they’ll work forever!

Day 23 – Products Related to the Enjoyment or Sharing of Music

Someone should build all of these.

  1. The Sound Bubble – An area around the user where the music they’re playing is audible.  May require special hardware.
  2. Neighborhood Vibe – An automatic mashup of songs attached to shops, restaurants or other locations.
  3. MusicCloud – All my music in cloud-based storage that operates much like Dropbox, letting me send and share tracks as needed
  4. The Next Discogs – Where all titles are cataloged, letting peeps create their collection and trade / buy / sell their vinyl
  5. The Organized Gray Area – Where all the mostly legal bootleg recordings would exist and be cataloged, rated and made ready for download.
  6. The Music News Hub – that is not a based on a cult of personality.
  7. The Music Fan’s Cattle Prod – Able to zap someone over the internet when they say something stupid.
  8. The Amnesty Fund – Where peeps that grab/steal MP3s from the internet can send some cash to an artist directly
  9. A Version of SoundCloud that is useful – You know what I’m talking about. So much good stuff, so unfindable.
  10. Automatic Radio – Where my playlist is automatically made into a live stream for co-listening

Day 22 – Things I Could Get Rid Of And Not Change My Life

Many of these I already did or am in the process of doing

  1. Compact Discs (I have odd nostalgia for a few of them)
  2. TV (I watch programs on my computer)
  3. DVDs (I have a pile, but nothing to play them on)
  4. Bad Emotions (they like to hang around)
  5. Dressy clothes (I found a pile of neckties in an old bag the other day)
  6. Comic books (If I could find someone to buy them for a decent price)
  7. Toys and collectable shit I’ve been accumulating for decades (there’s some amazing stuff in there)
  8. Books (and by extension, bookshelves)
  9. Old army uniforms (soon, I’m going to have them made into a whip-ass Chrome bag)
  10. Half of everything I own. (My fall purge is happening soon)

Day 21 – The Next Cute

The internets are ready for the next big cute thing. Here’s my suggestions.

  1. Baby Marmots
  2. Short-necked Giraffes
  3. Baby rhinos in teacups
  4. Birds in ski vests
  5. Kittens wearing Google Glass
  6. Flying spiders
  7. Baby bunnies in tiny formal wear
  8. Anime styled squids
  9. Stretching caribou
  10. Fluffy gerbils

Day 18 – Shoes.

  1. Ones that make you run really fast
  2. Ones that make you jump really high
  3. Ones that make you a few inches taller
  4. Ones that make no sound ever
  5. Ones that let you levitate
  6. Ones that make flowers grow in your footsteps
  7. Ones that have maps and GPS
  8. Ones that kick really hard
  9. Ones that keep foot away from mouth
  10. Ones that make them feel like someone else’s and then measure out a mile

Day 17 – Ways To Write Myself Notes In The Future

I wish my memory were better, but many times I wish I could write notes to the future me.

  1. Build a “Reverse Time Capsule” and put at the bottom of box of cereal
  2. Send the Pinkertons to find me in 1 year with a mysterious sealed envelope
  3. Write message and encrypt using a method I could break when I’m a couple years smarter
  4. Hire a singing telegram, but schedule it for next year
  5. Put it in Evernote. I’ll open that app again next year… maybe.
  6. Have message tattoo’d in slowly appearing ink
  7. Have someone give the message to me as a birthday present
  8. Write a note and place under newly installed carpet
  9. Place message under car seat, wait until I vacuum there and discover
  10. Build a Send Notes to Myself in the Future app

Day 16 – Ways To Say A Design Is Bad

We’ve all been in the situation where we have to critique work, and sometimes want to kill a design without getting into its faults, but make certain the designer knows it’s dead.

  1. There’s a few things I really like in there, just not enough of them
  2. Well, it’s not the direction I would have gone
  3. This is nice, what else do you have?
  4. I think you lost sight of the original intent
  5. Is this a WordPress theme?
  6. Hmmmmmmmm… who else had something?
  7. It’s interesting, but I don’t think the client would go for it
  8. If you needed more time, you should have let me know
  9. Let’s do some variations… one could be where it doesn’t suck
  10. Who pinned this shit to the board?

Day 15 – Things Bands Can Do Rather Than Re-Form For Reunion Tours

Few things bother me more than the shitty nostalgic karaoke of bands I loved re-forming for one last tour.  Bands that were great for a brief time rarely return with anything good (Mission of Burma is a distinct exception to this) and the desperate cash grab of shaking their bloated asses and singing (sort of) closely to the original is heartbreaking.  So, here’s a list of things they could do otherwise.

  1. Create and release new music that doesn’t suck ass
  2. Write and publish a history of the band
  3. Do a covers album of bands that influenced them (Pin Ups style)
  4. Do a covers album of current bands that were influenced by them
  5. Hire amazing film peeps and create a new series of videos for old songs
  6. Go on “Behind the Music” and diss other band members
  7. Continue on with their stagnant solo careers
  8. Start a record label and sign bands they find amazing
  9. Find Jesus and become horribly annoying at denouncing the lifestyle they used to promote
  10. Fade quietly away and let me enjoy the music they made