2014 Retrospective


It’s a few days into 2015. I’ve been alive on this planet for 16,832 days.

I tried to take it easy in 2014, and ended up a bit listless and bored when it came to work. My list is a bit short this year as I worked on several projects that lasted 5 months or more.

In 2014:

I designed

  • 4 mobile apps
  • 5 web apps
  • 3 sites
  • 3 logos

Presented 2 talks at conferences I enjoyed
and did a surprising amount of branding/print work


I set a few goals for the year, one of which was some nondescript “do-gooder” thing. I think I may have accomplished that by mentoring a kid from Cleveland and hopefully assisting him getting his app built and launched. I’m happy to say I gave good advice and he launched a product.  It’s not the new Facebook, but as I like to say, if you create ANYTHING you’ve done more than most monkeys walking this rock will ever do.

I also wanted to learn something “crafty” so I went to the Tandy Leather Outlet (not as sexy as it sounds, it’s really just leather crafting. I was expecting leather daddies working on old TRS-80s) and got a huge piece of unfinished leather. It looked like something Buffalo Bill would have hanging around, so I also got some leather dye and conditioner. I dyed it, worked it and made a few interesting things. Next, I’ll learn to stitch. Also, I wrote a bit of a song dedicated to Buffalo Bill called “Fat Girl Suit.”

Additionally, I got my first new car in 10 years (hello DemiGoat),I started baking things,
I went to a couple UX mixer things and was far less critical of my own work.

I’m making no plans other than publishing my mobile book, first as a series of articles on Medium (check it here: https://t.co/iva4InASKm) and then as a printed version late in the year.

Drink good coffee, eat good food, listen to good music and try for more live shows than I hit in 2014.

I hope you all have a great year!